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TemplatesKing Affiliate Program
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Now you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by referring customers to or by reselling TemplatesKing's products directly through your website. Sign up is fast and easy - approval is instant.
Reasons To Join
Registration and participation is absolutely FREE!
You get a generous 20% commission on every sale (10-50$ per sale in average).
Because of the wide range of our target audience, all of our products have a great market value. Each 60th targeted visitor makes purchase according to our statistics.
Start earning money immediately after registration!
If someone comes through your affiliate link and leaves without a purchase you still earn your affiliate fee when this visitor buys our products later.
Track your earnings and visitor statistics in real time.
Track your visitors in real time.
Sell our templates under your brand.
Display a template catalog on your site through our dynamic interface. You'll get:
  • Code to generate FAQ's page;
  • Code to generate Terms And Conditions page;
  • Code to generate keyword and category search options.
We take care of everything - charging the credit cards, anti-fraud protection and customer service through support chat.
Advanced visitors traffic statistics and email notification of sale.
Receive weekly sales report of your commissions earned.
FREE marketing consulting services for affiliates by our marketing CEO - David Braun.
There are 2 ways of referring visitors to
The simple way:
  1. You should sign up as an affiliate by filling out a simple online form (you will get your affiliate link in affiliate account interface).
  2. You will place your affiliate link or banners on your web sites or you can send your affiliate link to your potential customers via e-mail.
  3. Everyone who comes to via your affiliate link, will get a lifetime cookie set on his or her computer.
  4. You will get 20% of all purchases of "cookie customers" lifetime.
The advanced way:
  1. You should sign up as an affiliate by filling out a simple online form (you will get your affiliate link in affiliate account interface).
  2. You will be able to generate our dynamic interface to sell our templates even under YOUR OWN BRAND without any references to
  3. You can use different pre-made skins to choose a unique way of displaying templates and placing keyword and category search options on your website.
  4. You will get 20% of all purchases via your website's lifetime.
So what are you waiting for?
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